I Never Saw That One Coming

3 thoughts on “I Never Saw That One Coming”

  1. Hey, I just wrote how guys are turned on by bisexual women. Then I read this. Up until now, I just found your stories interesting, your writing intelligent and amusing, and the descriptions vivid and sometimes mildly titillating.
    This one, on the other hand, is really, really hot. I mean, I’m sorry for you that she ended up fucking the guy instead of you. (You are the narrator, so I identify with you, even though I probably have more in common with the guy. I have one thing in common with him, anyway). But, like I said, the bisexual angle is really arousing. And here, I thought you said you had retired from the business of giving guys erections!


    1. Quite a few dancers are at least bi-curious. I’m probably one of the few who can say they identified as lesbian before ever becoming a dancer. An electrically charged atmosphere can definitely take the credit for several wayward lesbian fantasies that became reality for a lot of girls. And honestly, it is pretty fun getting any one aroused, male or female! Is that mean of me, lol?
      Wait until I get into my antics in Atlanta…Tampa is G-rated compared to that!


      1. So,
        I can expect to get more erections from reading future installments? I’m not sure you’re out of the business yet.


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