After over ten years in the adult entertainment industry, I felt compelled to share my story.  Now that I’m out of it and reflecting on every incident (big and little) I’ve realized that it’s an interesting one.  And sooo worth telling.  I went from a college graduate destined for advertising greatness, to some random chick running around in Tampa wearing a g-string, to the manager of an upscale gentleman’s club in Atlanta.  That doesn’t happen very often and it didn’t happen very easily.

In fact, it was pretty treacherous: I made really stupid mistakes.  Really.  Suffice it to say that at the time, every decision I made was logical.  It could have been the liquor, it could’ve been the Florida sunshine, the idea of being around beautiful sexy women who had few, if any, inhibitions (I’m a lesbian.  Yes, a lesbian stripper.  Go figure!)  But, whichever it was, I did it.  Good or bad, it’s what happen.  I look back very often, thinking what if?  Obviously, our experiences shape who we are and all, but would I be that different if I had stuck to the straight and narrow, no pun intended?  Would I be some advertising account executive glamazon making 6 figures and being known as a cold-hearted bitch?  Maybe.  But that wouldn’t be nearly as fun as getting naked for strangers and wearing sequin bras with overly dramatic make-up, getting to make out with hot chicks every once in a while.

I figure if I hadn’t taken that ‘low’ road, I wouldn’t have half as many amazingly ludicrous stories to share.  Hell, I may have been one of the many advertising executives laid off in the past couple of years.  Then, I might be a stripper now out of sheer desperation!  Instead of a stripper out of the purest, most innocent of curiosities.  Yes, I was curious.  I already had a job, but extra money never hurt anyone, right?  That depends.  Was it worth it?  I think so.  But after reading my stories, venturing through my random thoughts, learning the tough lessons of life as a hardened stripper (ha!), you decide.

I wasn’t a whore, but I wasn’t a saint either.  This is a detailed account of my journey: it’s funny, it’s bold and it’s all mine.  Enjoy…

17 thoughts on “About Stripper X

    1. Thanks so much, Louise. It has helped so much, reliving the good, the bad and the ugly. I truly believe it was all for a greater purpose. Thanks for the follow and enjoy!


    1. Thanks, Cassie! I’m flattered and definitely hope you appreciate them as much as I enjoy sharing them…I look forward to more of your insights on your blog as well. Thanks for the follow!


      1. I was wondering when we were going to hear from you again you need to write more often beusace reading you makes me feel like hot chocolate. And yes, I realise that’s a selfish reason.If he is kind and funny and smart and he thinks you are beautiful and kind and interesting, I say: why the hell not? Go and have fun and try not to think any further than that date. It’s just one date.And Karen’s right- give yourself a break. You can’t be angry for being scared. You wouldn’t get angry at a friend for any phobia, would you?Wow, long note.


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