We awoke the next day with a plan: work, work, work.  But first, let’s gamble.  It was brief.  First I was up, then I was down.  Blackjack, for me, turned into the black joke.  I was up a whopping $12 and I was thrilled.  Then I lost it all.  It was a blur.  Oh well, time for work.

The first part of our plan: get hired at the infamous “Doublemint Hippo” – name changed to protect the innocent.  Another gamble we lost.  Kind of.  We got hired for the same shift as the Cheetah – 2 a.m.  It was time to double down.  We decided to head to the one of the first clubs, Striptease, and work the regular nightshift, only to return and work the morning shift at the Hippo.  We’d split the night between the two clubs.  After this decision, I felt empowered.  I was ready to make some real money.  And what better way to do that then working 12 hours in a row!  Alas, that new car shine had already rubbed off of this brand new club.  It was dead.  But at least it was pretty and clean.  And there weren’t very many girls, so, eh, we hedged our bets and stuck it out.  By the time people started to roll in, it was time for us to roll out and onto the next.

The Doublemint Hippo was instantly intimidating.  Beautiful women everywhere.  I was in heaven.  This is the club lesbian strippers only dream of — legs, breasts, thighs, lips — sigh, it was nice.  We were all nervous about working.  How were we going to make any money surrounded by such amazing competition?

Finally, we were ready to hit the floor.  And it was jaw dropping.  It reminded me of a scene from one of my favorite vampire flicks…

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