No one seems to have an issue with Stripper characters. In fact, as an avid fan of The Sims, I believe that exotic dancing should be an employment option for them.  I guess it all depends on the type of ‘person’ you’ve created.  That would be quite an entertaining game.  I may be a little slow, though, because I haven’t upgraded to The Sims 3 yet.  Do they have stripper poles available as a decorative bedroom option?  If they do, can kids interact with it?  If so, would they grow up to potentially become a sexual deviant, destined for after-hour greatness in the bowels of some classless club with dirty money?  Would they have daddy issues?  I think that is a fascinating potential storyline for a simulation video game.

Why didn’t these letter writers target Playboy, The Mansion game created by arush.  I have that game and, wow, I’d be worried about my kid getting his/her hands on that one.  Lots and lots of boobs, bunnies and blowjobs.  No joke.  The grotto is kickin’ in this game.  It’s actually a power boost for the main character, ‘Hef.’  To me, that situation poses more of an issue for families than gay characters.  Why aren’t they as distraught over the amount of violence in video games, too?  It seems that in light of all of these shoot-outs in schools, they’d be more worried about that.  Again, that would be more sensible than worrying about gay characters.

Of course, why don’t we call this situation what it really is?  Lazy, subpar parenting.  Pay attention to your kids and what they’re doing.  If you don’t approve, set boundaries.  You don’t like the games they play, send their little narrow asses outside and get some exercise, wash the car, trim the bushes.  Waging a crusade against something so trivial as video games is such nonsense and a waste of energy for both parties involved.  Congratulations to EA for standing up to the b.s.  I salute you!  Thanks, Sensi Boutique, for bringing this article to our attention.  What do the rest of you think about it?

EA games respond to letter writing campaign complaining about the inclusion of gay and lesbian characters in recent games.

Recently, some EA titles have had the option for characters to engage in same sex relationships, this option was not forced on players they could also choose a member of the opposite sex as a partner.  The latest games to offer this choice are Mass Effect 3 and Star Wars: The Old Republic, but EA have been giving players this freedom for years with games like The Sims.  However, EA have received thousands of letters complaining and even saying that they will boycott EA games if this option is featured in future games.

Luckily, EA have responded by saying that they will not be changing their policy on the matter and have denied claims made by the letter writers that they were pressured into including gay and lesbian characters by ‘extremists’. …

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2 thoughts on “EA Targeted by Anti-Gay Letter Campaign

  1. Great post, I think you are 100% right, EA have done the correct thing, times are changing and if people don’t like it well they should monitor what there kids are playing, on the back of each game just like a movie is a rating and tells you what you can expect from the game, parents aren’t bothered with their kids going around with a sniper screaming “headshot” every time they blow the brains of somebody in COD, plus Mass Effect is an over 18’s game, to face facts, young people shouldn’t be playing it.


    1. Sorry for the delayed reply, but you’re absolutely correct. I think some parents love the idea of parenting, but don’t have a clue as to how it’s done. It’s work, work and more work. What your kids absorb on a daily basis can only be reinforced or refuted by a parent who pays attention.


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