It was an OMG moment embedded in my wee brain forever.  THIS is what a Las Vegas strip club is supposed to look like.  If  you took a gander at the video in my previous entry, you can appreciate the scene I walked into.  There might as well have been Cheech Marin screaming at the … Continue reading Wee!

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StripperLand 2011…really?


Okay, so I’d watch this. Not for the horrific special effects or the bare naked women running around attacking the men, but to laugh my ass off at the thought of someone paying good money to produce such bullshit. And it’d be pretty entertaining. I do have a question — how do stripper zombies manage to run in stilettos?

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The Incredibly Credible Misadventures of 3 Strippers in Vegas

What happens in Vegas…sometimes really sucks.  I had to get out of town and the opportunity presented itself last minute, so off I went with two friends.  Yes, it happen just that fast.  I had grown tired of Tampa and drama and I figured, what the hell?  Why not?  I have no kids, no relationship, … Continue reading The Incredibly Credible Misadventures of 3 Strippers in Vegas

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You Got to Coordinate

Working in a strip club when you’re in a fantastic mood is actually really fun.  Smiles are infectious and mine was contaminating the entire building.  Who could resist getting a dance from an entertainer who seemed to love her job so much?  ‘Would you like to see me naked?’  Sure!  ‘Good, because I can’t wait to … Continue reading You Got to Coordinate

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