Thanks to a dear friend, I’ve discovered a wonderful place for Atlantans young and old to commiserate on our misery.  Not that we’re miserable, but it rolled right off of my fingers as they typed ‘commiserate.’

For the misunderstood Southerner, a forum for sharing what ails us.  I can say ‘us’ because I am considered an official Atlantan, having been here for 12 years.  I never thought I’d be living in the South for such a large portion of my adult life.  Why?  Because for a long time, I too had preconceived notions of people in the South.  More aptly termed – hicks, hillbillies or kissing cousins.  Wrong, very wrong.  And while I have been at the brunt of some well-placed racist remarks, I have yet to see a lynch mob following me.  In fact, it’s equal opportunity racism down here.

But can you blame people for still holding onto these stereotypes?  Much like the plight of the stripper, the stereotypical few overshadow the truth of the many.  (I.  am such.  a poet.)


That’s not to say that the days of Designing Women, The Golden Girls or Reba are gone.  Goodness knows I love those women!  But let us not assume that women of the South only serve lemonade, sew drapes and wave adieu from their white verandas on a daily basis.

“The modern Southern woman is not a stereotype anymore…It’s 2013.  She’s just as innovative as women up North.” – Project Runway

Oh Bitter Southerner, where have you been all my (blog) life?

We think, we work, we roar!  And yes, we strip.  Take a gander at this growing collection of stories and lives from the South: – including a series of stories from the infamous Clermont Lounge.  And when you’re done there…


I know, it's simply fascinating! What's better than that? Feedback. So let me have it...

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