The Price of Beauty: $742

3 thoughts on “The Price of Beauty: $742”

  1. What moved you so fast was the idea of giving a lap dance bald !!! Oh my God I would have died. How you were ever able to drive yourself to the ER is astounding. The body is a strange thing all our hormones are always changing and reacting. You would think something so simple as getting your hair done would be such a freaking disaster. I love all the colors in your hair pretty 🙂 Glad that you got bangs, they are always super cute and fun. Thank god you were a dancer there is no way that anyone can afford a hair affair like that. That is not counting the pain and suffering that you endured. I pray that you had a good night of work 🙂


    1. Thanks Applejaxe! I was definitely grateful for being able to take care of everything (was able to split the ER bill into two payments) but it was just awful. Needless to say, I have never bothered with hair dye again!


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