Bad Hair Dye

5 thoughts on “Bad Hair Dye”

  1. Girl I am so sorry about the scalp situation . . . really I am. Terrible. I though could not stop laughing at the way you were describing the beauty shop. Hilarious. Okay so you can imagine this, I am a white girl who wanted skinny braids like Mariah Carey circa 2001 ok !!! The “Thank God I Found You” look. I went into a black beauty shop and got my hair braided. Do white girls even do that? I was in there from when Regis and Kelly was on until General Hospital. Six hours !!! Dead on. It was the strangest experience, and I bought a pair of sunglasses form a guy that reminded me of the creepers that would come into the strip club hang out in the dressing room and sell stripper outfits. This was a great story Stripper X, so sorry you were forgotten about over some wings and afternoon “stories”. XO


    1. That’s so funny! Six hours, too? There must be something to that, lol. Maybe long enough to make us hungry to buy some food and bored enough to buy goods we don’t need. Haha. And yes, white girls get their hair braided – not so much anymore from what I’ve seen…thanks for the read, so glad you enjoyed it!


  2. Damn, that sucks! I’m assuming that the ER got your problem taken care of since you’re here to tell the tail, I mean tale. I hope it wasn’t anything too serious, but it sounds like a major chemical reaction or allergic reaction. Neither of which is much fun.

    I know very little about the hair salon scene, the only time I ever truly had anything major done to my hair was that year in the ’80s that I decided a permed kinky curly mullet sounded like a good idea. As for the hair gently caressing the buttocks being a turn on, I can definitely attest to that being the absolute truth 😉

    I can also wholeheartedly concur with the theory that Atlanta drivers are totally and completely insane! I’ve lived around “Hotlanta” for almost 50 years now and 20 of those years were spent riding a motorcycle every day on the bumper car tracks they call interstates here.


    1. Yes, Atlanta roads and drivers are insane! And don’t let a raindrop hit the pavement – everyone all of a sudden forgets where the gas pedal is…ugh, very much dislike driving here. My ex rode a ‘crotch rocket’ and I was petrified every time she went out on it. People are not very motorcycle conscious here.


      1. I never felt the need for a rocket in my crotch, lol. so I rode the laid back cruiser type bikes. It’s not just motorcycle conscious that drivers aren’t here, it’s just plain conscious 🙂 That’s why I always had a compressor powered air horn on my bikes.


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