The World is a (Sound) Stage

6 thoughts on “The World is a (Sound) Stage”

  1. This I get from start to finish. Always
    having this audience or like you said alternative reality. Seeing, not seeing what is or isn’t going on around you. Being able to flip that switch in an instant, being an actor in your own mind, even at times manipulating yourself. This is why we were able to strip . . . These are the walls and then some. It all starts with that scary shit as a child. Thank you for sharing this. Shine on 🙂


    1. Thanks Applejaxe…you’re exactly right. Turning it on and off made it so much easier and in the morning, one could almost pretend: ‘nah, that didn’t happen. i didn’t just do that.’


  2. hi, kelly. i’ve read your stories and i feel you could do better with a co-writer – someone to bring you back to earth – to give you some feedback. i have a 250 page play. i call it ‘nightpeople.’ it’s divided into 15 episodes. i write it with others. we take turns writing/talking. the scene is an all night diner in new york city. come and write a story with me, i promise you it will be different than anything you’ve ever written. you have my address. richard


    1. Hi Richard. The stories presented on my blog are personal reactions, accounts, musings of mine regarding my life and its events. While I appreciate your offer of assistance, no co-writer is required for this endeavor. As for my scripting, not to sound pompous, but they are worlds different from what you read here. They’re controlled ideas with themes, strong characters, lean dialogue and plot structure. A few of them have won awards and received high accolades from professionals in the entertainment industry. On Earth. My expressive ramblings here are just that – no direct reflection on my talents as a screenwriter. It’s just a different form of writing for me. I have looked over your play and, given my current set of commitments, it’s not something I can be a part of at this time. Thanks again and the best of luck to you…


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