Break Up to Make Up

2 thoughts on “Break Up to Make Up”

  1. I think this is so great that you were able to find a hidden talent, this gem inside you and love it. Even better when you are able to make it your own and make money off it. You are successful girl 🙂 . . . wish you were closer I would have you do my hair and make-up. As a woman you know, it is oh so important to know the right people to make you beautiful, enough said 🙂


    1. Thanks Applejaxe! Being able to work with a photographer in Tampa really helped keep me grounded in that I wasn’t just a stripper or a woman who lacked talent. I knew that already, but actually doing something really propelled me forward and is what spurred my eventual move to Atlanta. Thanks for the read and I would love to have done your hair and makeup!


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