Tough Break

4 thoughts on “Tough Break”

  1. I just wanted to let you know I am still making progress in reading your blog, still enjoying it each time I read another page, and, well, still drooling over the background picture, even though it slows my progress cause I can’t read when other folks are around.
    I’m sorry to read this turned into another tough day. I was thinking about your offhand comment about taking off your panties:
    Does that make the job more work? Does it make you feel more exploited? Why does it seem like a drawback to you? Isn’t it a plus for you, or don’t you find it a turnon to look at vulvas and enjoy the variety? (A point I believe you commented on earlier)
    But then the story turned dark, so I guess I should not ask those questions.


    1. Hi Richard, sounds interesting…I’d love more information and thank you for considering me. Let’s touch base in a couple of weeks. I have some deadlines of my own to get through and then we can talk. Sound good?


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