With the growing obsession with exotic dancing and it being a viable form of income – slow, but it’s getting there – toymakers have really stepped outside of the box.  What were they thinking?  That’s easy.  Money.  One would be hard-pressed to NOT find a pole in one out of every three friends’ basements.  Go ahead and visit some friends.  I’ll wait.

In fact, pole studios, pole classes, private sessions for housewives and portable pole sales are through the roof.  So up in New York, this toymaker took it upon themselves to get a piece of the action — so to speak.  It comes with a doll who dances up, down and around.  Wow, right?  What they failed to do was market it appropriately.  They put it in the toy section, first of all.  Explain that logic, please.  Although a lucrative career if done properly, I highly doubt many people will be clamoring to get their young daughters started on the road to a XXX lifestyle.  And if they are, a much better option is the Peek A Boo Pole Dancing Kit which comes with a garter and play money for tips.  If you’re going to train your daughters, do it right people.  Money up front.

Nonetheless, it’s quite an interesting read…and don’t forget to Fan Me!  Just like money in a garter, I love to watch the numbers add up…


2 thoughts on “Know Your Market

  1. Basement??? I have two poles in my living room and one in the trunk of my car!!! lol OK so the one in the trunk is used much but my friend and I always exercise on the living room poles (great workout!!!)


    1. Agreed! It’s a great workout. I have a friend who segued into her own pole instruction classes before it became really popular in Atlanta. She’s doing great. Housewives love it bc she comes to them and does parties and such.


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