This goes double for strippers, ladies! There’s nothing worse than getting a dance and wondering – ‘where is that smell coming from’ – but remember, in most states there is the two finger rule. You must have a landing strip the width of two fingers at minimum! And don’t fret about razor bumps. Seek out your nearest Pure Romance consultant (Hi Stacey!) and get the Coochy Shave Cream. It works, so no excuses!

Take A Bite.



Damn fukin BUSH! Seriously, I’m not a carpet muncher. I love me some hard wood floors.

I know there’s absolutely not a single possibility that I’m the only gold star lesbian who ever fell for or got tricked into being involved with a “straight I was just pretending to please society now I’m a lesbian womyn”. It’s happened to all of us full blood womyn loving lesbians. Even those of us who are not gold star lesbians (I’ve promised myself to stay focused on the topic so tune in tomorrow when I will explain Gold Star Lesbian).

So getting right down to it and I do mean down to it. I always know if I’m with a true lesbian because those hard wood floors tend to be a lesbian virtue. Thank you ladies. I love your hard wood floors.

Now straight and bi womyn this is where I…

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2 thoughts on “Trim

  1. Guess I’m the odd ball. I like the natural look and feel and taste in a woman. Even if it means a few hairs stuck between my teeth. I need to use dental floss after many of my favorite meals, like lobster and steak.
    I always sort of thought that the craze for shaved pudenda originated in strip clubs. To me, the problem is that it makes a woman look like a girl. I like women to look like women. So, I do find it interesting to find a preference for the naked pussy among at least some lesbians.


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