According to several articles on how I should ‘up’ my reader participation, I should offer you an opportunity to directly discuss the issues: my issues, your issues, world issues, the issues of that broad crying in the corner.  In honor of those strippers who lost their jobs due to overzealous management, I’m calling it the Weigh-In.  Yes, there are clubs that do this and get away with it.  One was right across the street from my club in Tampa.  You remember: I had a momentary threesome there with my Asian conquest, Jen, after our debauchery in the backseat of her friend’s car?  I surmise that the real reason smoking wasn’t allowed in there was because they were afraid of a fire once all those skinny bitches started grinding on everything in sight.

Anyway, in honor of my previous post regarding ancestry, adoption, guns – I pose this question:

In today’s heated political climate, there are just so many factors to consider: money, freedom, power, happiness…I can’t/don’t/won’t/shan’t believe that any one person can devoutly stand on one platform to proclaim that it fully encapsulates everything that they believe in socially and economically.  We’re way too complex.

WEIGH-IN: When considering your vote this year, which factors are more important to you: wealth and stability with a focus on prosperity and economic growth -or- social freedoms that indemnify our rights — me to be me and you to be you?  They’re both equally important, but does one outweigh the other?  Why?

Tell me.  I really want to know.  You can say it here or jump on my Facebook page and share it there.  You might as well like the page, too.  You’re there anyway.

Go ahead, it’s your turn to step on the scale.

3 thoughts on “Weigh-In #1

  1. I’m sorry to see you got no response.
    (I tried to send you an e-mail, but now I see that I was entering the e-mail address wrong. I’ll try again)
    In response to your question, I see no conflict between the two. A vote for a Republican is a vote for a party that advocates restricting individual freedoms while freeing corporations to prey upon individuals without any protection from the government. Their idea of individual liberty is freedom for corporations and the rich to take advantage of the rest of us.
    As for economic issues, the Republican plan is to return to the policies pursued for 35 years of reducing government regulation of business and cutting taxes on the rich that resulted in the economic mess we are in. Yes, we are recovering slowly, but a return to those policies will send unemployment upward and wages and salaries down worse than we have now.


      1. Its especially important to talk to your friends in Florida!
        (But we better be discrete. Its not going to help Obama get elected by promoting him as the favorite of strippers, I don’t think.)


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