3 Sides to Every Story

9 thoughts on “3 Sides to Every Story”

  1. It’s so refreshing to find someone else on the planet that knows the difference between argument and debate/discussion on a “hot” subject. I grew up in an atmosphere of “closet” and not so “closeted” racism. I can’t deny that it has affected my outlook on life, but, slowly, I’ve made my way to a much better place where “nigger” doesn’t imply race, it implies an abhorrent attitude. I know it’s been said before by people much more intelligent than I, but stirring up the gene pool can only be a good thing. It’s unfortunate (I only avoid caustic words like infuriating because they are….well………caustic) that people like those you crossed paths with at the store can’t let go of those old boat anchors of small mindedness and racism. My Mother’s Father was very much like them. Until his dying day, his favorite jokes were racial and he called my oldest son his adopted grandson (my [now ex] wife’s son from her first ex) even though he had been my son since he was two. Oh how I wish that I had your grace to see past those foibles while he was alive. My solution to his attitude was to avoid him (as much for my son’s mental health as my own). I’m rambling again, so I’d better stop, lol. Thanks for the great post and the refreshing outlook.


    1. I’m so glad to hear that, Kip. I’m seeing more and more interracial families and I think it’s so beautiful. And to me, ‘nigger’ simply implies ignorance and various people from all walks of life suffer from it. But I have faith…one person at a time 🙂 Hope you’re having an awesome weekend…


      1. Yes, that’s all we can do is work on one person at a time, starting with ourselves 🙂 It’s taken me ages to get back to half the person I always envisioned myself being. And yes, I’m having a great weekend, I hope you are, too!


  2. Wow. This is very intense. Imagine my surprise turning to this, expecting to find out what happened when you finally gave that weasel boyfriend a piece of your mind, or whatever you hit him with.
    I have so many thoughts, I don’t know where to begin.
    Very deep thoughts about race in there.
    I respect your opinions about freedom, although I’d like to debate the second amendment point, a bit. It is not intended or written in such absolute terms in the Constitution.
    The exercise of the right to bear arms has a much different impact on other people, compared to the exercise of the other rights you delineate. (Including the right to bare tits. Sorry. I was going to be serious in my comments.)
    Can I e-mail you?


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