4 thoughts on “Hallelujah!”

  1. I would love to share this experience with you…
    oh, that’s not what you meant?
    That is quite a story about a most unpleasant relationship. I don’t completely understand why you put up with her for as long as you did.
    The changes to the website are very appealing, but it is slowing down my progress in reading the blog. I can’t read in the office when other people are around who might look it the door. Great ass on that girl, though. Anyone you know?



    1. My friends don’t understand either. I guess I was afraid she might snap on me and bludgeon me with her claw toe. But seriously, I was more aghast that someone could be so vile and not realize it.
      I’ve been considering changing the background pic as well. I’ve experienced the same – whoops – moment at work or in some cafe. Lol, but it’s such a nice view.


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