The Incredibly Credible Misadventures of 3 Strippers in Vegas

2 thoughts on “The Incredibly Credible Misadventures of 3 Strippers in Vegas”

  1. I had a super frustrating experience trying to strip in Vegas also–that was nearly 13 yrs ago but clearly some things never change…. I’m Indian & they immediately thought that I was an illegal immigrant. Unfortunately, my friend Mariko who I went with (we planned on finding a club we could both strip at) neglected to tell me that I needed to bring my social security card. I called Soc Sec Admin & even had them fax my documentation & verify that I’m a citizen to the sheriff’s office but they refused to accept it. Serious racism. After running around for a day doing pretty much what you did, I took a return flight home that night. It’s too depressing being in Vegas & I wouldn’t be there for “fun” if I wasn’t trying to strip. Mariko stayed & said that she made the same $$ back home in San Francisco.

    The very last time I was in Vegas, I was filming for my documentary LICENSE TO PIMP (about strippers & illegal working conditions. Check out: One of my main characters, Mariko (the same one from above) was trying to get hired in the strip clubs (again)….Find out more about what happens to her in Vegas….

    Hope your situation fares better….


    1. It fares a bit better, but more bumps ahead. I’ll continue the story next week. Thanks so much for the comment. They are so strict…and I hear now that nowadays even moreso. I guess it’s a good thing, weeding out felons and such, but sorry you didn’t get to work. It’s definitely an experience worth having once you’re in there working…of course, depending on the club.


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