Yes, There Are Lapdances In Heaven

3 thoughts on “Yes, There Are Lapdances In Heaven”

  1. Obviously this post is very personal to you. I enjoyed this article, particularly your style.
    As to your earlier comment that not all strippers are as I portrayed, I whole heartedly agree, especially as regards those like yourself who are educated, have families, friends, something else in their life other than the job. To be fair, anybody whose life revolves around their work is probably lacking in certain respects, stripping is no different.
    I admire your honesty I could really relate to the situation with the girl acting sickly sweet and back stabbing. Unfortunately its a dog eat dog world sometimes and it takes a truly good person to rise above it. Personally I’m not that good!
    Keep on with the good work 🙂


    1. It was my pleasure…I was thinking of you and our other buddies while I wrote it. I wasn’t sure how to touch on the subject, but I knew that I wanted to say something out of appreciation and respect.


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