Work Smarter, Not Harder

6 thoughts on “Work Smarter, Not Harder”

  1. I have read a lot on the internet about sex, but this is the first discussion I have run across regarding racial distinctions in the shape of the vulva. I think that there is tremendous variation, and that the patterns that you describe are probably not very consistent.
    But, then, I don’t see as much pussy as you do.


    1. I agree that there are extraordinary variations. I was making the point that this gentleman obviously had a very steadfast opinion on what my vagina should look like. There are assumptions always floating around about women and how their ethnicity affects the look of their nether regions. I have seen a lot of them and no two have ever struck me as identical. The ignorance of the gentleman in question was more the issue for me.


  2. This is as far as I got today. Just an update on my reading progress. Still enjoying very much.
    Much more to contemplate on the subject of race.
    But I’ve just got to ask: Is there a difference between a black pussy and a white pussy?


      1. Do you care to elaborate?
        I assume I have not had the opportunity to view as many of those beautiful parts of the female body as you. (The strip joints up here require the performers to cover up the goods. Not that they don’t offer a peak, but that does not offer a great opportunity to compare and contrast.
        I remember the (probably somewhat racist and misanthropic) line that I heard when I was much younger:
        “They’re all pink on the inside.”



      2. Well, there are some who believe that a black woman’s labia minora overflows past the labia majora most of the time, kind of spilling over and around. Also, a black woman’s lips are usually reflective of her complexion – dark brown. Deeper in the tissue, yes, it’s pink. Sometimes.
        For white women, it’s assumed that not only are they rosy and pink, but they’re also more compact – usually compared to a clamshell. Everything fits nicely inside and when the man in the boat is exposed, it’s a pale, rosy color. Different hues, of course, but all in the pink family. The guy was quite intrigued that I had a caramel complexion with a clamshell that, when I maneuvered a certain way, you could glimpse the interior of my clamshell. He was perplexed that it, too, was pink. 😉


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