If I Only Had A Brain…Or A Penis.

3 thoughts on “If I Only Had A Brain…Or A Penis.”

  1. This is an excellent entry. It is alternately hilarious, touching, and deeply thoughtful.
    It also strikes me as inconsistent with your message to me that the heart plays a bigger role in relationships than the penis, but that’s probably because I’m a lawyer and lawyers can be assholes about things like that.


    1. True. I consider myself constantly evolving mentally. I think the heart gets involved beyond the physical. There are people in our lives we just want to sleep with and there are others we actually want to become involved with…and we don’t always make the right call with the right people. Hence, ho-hum relationships with lackluster sex. Or ah-mazing sex that will never culminate in a relationship. People settle way too much. I suppose it’s out of fear. Ultimately, I think what I’m looking for is balance – someone whose clothes I can’t wait to rip off at times and at other moments just want to rub her feet and watch her sleep. I know I can seem a bit all over the place – I’m a work in progress, but does that all make sense?


      1. That makes sense. From the perspective of my age, it seems like the ability to compromise, and accept your partner as she is, plays a major role in being able to make a relationship work.
        And the ability to bring to mind what it is about her that you love when she is doing things that irritate you. I don’t think that having a penis helps much with that.


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