Something Funky This Way Comes

6 thoughts on “Something Funky This Way Comes”

  1. As you can see, I’m still reading your blog, and still enjoying it.
    Another fraught racial issue raised by this post: how our attitudes toward race influence our preferences with respect to sexual partners. Its interesting how you toss out that comment about your own preferences: as a defense against someone thinking that Chloe might have been racist.
    It brings to mind a theme of the Black Pride movement (before your time, but I assume something you are aware of). Black women, in particular, (obviously, I mean some black women) argued that, when black men showed a preference for or were attracted to white women, this revealed some self-loathing.
    So, what does it mean when a black lesbian woman is “not into” black women. (oops, a little redundancy there). Does it mean that, at least in some cases, we can accept racial preferences in sexual partners as just a matter of aesthetics and taste?



    1. Absolutely. We’re all human creatures with different tastes in relationships, food, hair styles…I’ve dated black women. There are some I find absolutely stunning. But that can be said for any race. I’m not really into blondes either, but there a few who have stopped me in my tracks with a ‘wow.’ It’s entirely based on what turns me on and what doesn’t. My first choice wouldn’t be with a black woman because I have an insatiable lust/like/love/attraction to Asian women. They fascinate me. It wasn’t a conscious choice, I just listen to my heart…:-)


      1. When men react that way, it is said that we are responding to a different body part. Not our hearts.


      2. That can be said for men who sleep with all kinds of different women at random, with no rhyme or reason other than to ‘hit it.’ When a man is attracted to a woman, no matter their nationality, with more than just his penis, he acts differently. He seeks to romance her rather than get her into bed. Feelings are expressed best through action and if the only action he’s trying to get across is in the bedroom, then yes, he’s reacting with his penis.


  2. It’s so funny you mention the titles bc the other day my sister commented on that very same thing…that they crack her up. Thanks so much for reading! I enjoy writing it just as much as I enjoy reading comments. Yay!


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