Fake It To Make It

8 thoughts on “Fake It To Make It”

  1. I’m still really enjoying your blog, as I work my way through it. Nice break from … well, from what I’m supposed to be working on.
    Interesting discussion of customers’ expectations. I do enjoy it when a dancer is ready, willing and able to engage in intelligent conversation. I’m always ready to pay for more dances with someone I’ve established just a little bit of a rapport with.
    Well, okay, I’ll admit that I also sometimes pay for more dances with the ones who initiate the most contact with those areas where I want the most contact, regardless of rapport. But I leave in the best mood after spending dime, I mean time, well both, with an interesting dancer.
    Never ran into one who adopted the sexecutive look. However, the manager of a club I often frequent is, like you, a former dancer who dresses in very businesslike attire, and I never tire of trying to convince her to do one last lap dance.
    She’ll let me buy her drinks, but so far…..
    (And she goes for the most expensive brandy that they have. Do you think she’s trying to discourage me?)


    1. LOL, too funny! She’s not trying to discourage you, she’s trying to make her numbers. Once I got offered $3,000 to give a private dance out of my suit — I still refused! I think it’s the thrill of the hunt. And not being able to see what’s underneath the clothes. To this day, I find women in a suit or cute outfit sexier than a naked one standing in front of me. I met some of the greatest guys…funny memories. Thanks so much for sticking with reading my stuff!!


      1. You don’t have to thank me for reading this. Its very enjoyable. The only issue is that it keeps me from doing my work.
        I will say that there are other things I like about J_____. Like a pretty but mature face with dark hair. A slim body type I like. This may seem odd, but I prefer the older dancers, as long as they keep themselves in decent shape. More interesting to talk to. More subtle technique. And I feel less like a dirty old man. I used to want to find dancers close to my age. Now, I just try to find ones who are older than my daughter.
        Anyway, I don’t want her badly enough to offer $3000. I don’t care how much the mystery and the lure of the hunt have to do with it, you must have a pretty compelling allure to command such an offer.
        I look forward to reading about your experiences as a manager.
        Oh, and I also had a comment on the issue of dancers’ sexual identity. I think most of us pervy guys like to think of the dancers as bisexual.


      2. Thanks, Mike. The offer was from two guys I befriended while managing in Atlanta. We’re all still friends to this day. They had money on the table and everything – so silly. I declined but I felt very, very pretty that night!


    1. Hi angeleyes, thanks for the post. I’ve survived over ten years and have been out of the industry for several months. I was a strip club manager before I left and just felt like this would be an entertaining form of closure. I’m glad you’re enjoying it. Keep reading and keep writing!


      1. I live this blog. It’s awesome! Seems no matter what position you work in if you are “in the industry” we all feel the same way at one time or another. Keep blogging… You’re a great writer!


      2. Thank you so much for the kudos! Some days are harder than others to put pen to paper, so to speak, but so worth it. I love sharing and I appreciate all of the comments and loyal readers (like you!) so, so much. I’ve recently shared my blog with friends who never knew me while I worked in the industry and most are like, “I never would have guessed you were a dancer! And why didn’t you share this with me before? It’s hilarious!” I hope it helps anyone who is still in it, or is trying to get out of it – it always makes me feel better to know that others recognize the struggle from having been in it themselves…


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