The Aftermath

5 thoughts on “The Aftermath”

  1. I made it this far in my first day of reading your blog. I really enjoyed your description of the first night.
    As an occasional … okay, as a fairly regular patron of such establishments, I can confirm that it is fairly easy to recognize the new performer. Consistent with your experience, I do find myself wanting to go out of my way to offer tips and encouragement to the new dancer, at least as long as she appears to be trying. I like to think that this reflects my human and compassionate side: that I want to help a nervous young woman feel more comfortable and confident. But hey, maybe I just want to help to corrupt her.



    1. Have we met? hahahaha! Thanks so much. And it’s true, I’ve met quite a few really nice guys in the industry – still friends with some of them. But yeah, that first spaceship guy was really, really nice.


      1. I don’t think we could have met. I have spent my time mostly in strip clubs in the Northeast. Occasional stops elsewhere, but never in Florida. I know I would have loved you, though.


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